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Become a Destination District where people are drawn to Corcoran due to the quality, reputation and accomplishments of our schools.


We are relentless in creating an environment for all to improve mind, character and body.  

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Local Control Accountability (LCAP) Approved June 24, 2014

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Local Control Accountability Survey (LCAP)

LCAP SurveyLCAP Results Summary

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Congratulations Mark Twain Library Tech Linda Sharp,

Winner 2013-2014 Kings County Employee of the Year!


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Superintendent’s Blog

  • Take the Technology to its Limits to Take Students Beyond Theirs
    Take the Technology to its Limits to Take Students Beyond Theirs
    I finally took the opportunity to watch the movie Jobs, and it was fascinating to review highlights of the mogul’s history and key events.  What made it interesting was the fact that I followed much of that history and could identify with the idea of using a personal computer to enhance our daily work.  In my case, I […]
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  • Home Grown Achievement
    Home Grown Achievement
    Three years ago Corcoran High School Athletic Director was searching for a Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team coach.  Little did he know the coach he was searching for was right under his nose – literally.  Coach Lerma knew he could not leave the kids in the cold, and decided he would take the bull by the […]
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  • Reflection on our Bootcamp
    Reflection on our Bootcamp
    I appreciate the learning and the excitement behind the learning exhibited by our staff in Monday’s (October 14, 2013) all day district sponsored “Technology Bootcamp.”  This is our third year of the Bootcamp, and it is encouraging to see how this is becoming a part of our culture.  I think it is important to take […]
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  • Rich Merlo
    Rich MerloSuperintendent

CUSD Superintendent\’s Welcome Podcast

Welcome to Corcoran Unified School District. Our Board, community and district have a common goal of becoming a “Destination District.” This vision is becoming a reality with our continued growth in student academic achievement and a positive, professional environment that encourages innovation and personal growth. We are very proud of our superb, hard-working staff members who are creating a culture of excellence for our students.

Our passion and mission is to develop confident, successful academic achievers among our whole student population. There is no limitation or hindrance that can overcome the positive influences of highly effective teachers and schools. We are seeing more and more students grow and achieve academically despite the former conventional expectations of mediocrity and low achievement for low income and underprivileged students. All students can achieve!

We are also excited about the District’s commitment toward student education using 21st Century learning tools via the One to One Technology Learning Program  with student access to these 21st Century learning tools available now in every classroom in the District. The District is committed to a focus on academic achievement with a priority to develop staff members in using innovative, effective strategies in the use of these powerful learning tools.  The results in improved academic achievement are encouraging along with the enthusiasm and excitement from students and staff.

The District has been recognized as among just over one hundred school districts in the nation a having an Apple Distinguished Technology Program!

We are in the fifth year of utilizing our Technology Learning Center Facility. This high-tech facility is designed for staff development, job training for the community and teaching and learning in a variety of high school, career tech college preparatory and college courses.  Considered one of its kind in the Central Valley, the Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to assist staff and students in learning and employing 21st Century learning skills.

The energy and excellence that we put toward the continued growth in the many dimensions of our District is catching up and surpassing the high expectations we have for every student at Corcoran Unified.

- Rich Merlo, Superintendent

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